ITED uses newest technologies to provide our clients with the best in virtual design and construction. ITED offers the following services in three main areas:

BIM and 3D Model Development

Even if you only have an idea, for it's future development visualization can help a lot. Concept, different object, room and building BIM and 3D model creation is one of ITED's main services.

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3D and BIM Coordination & Analysis

When different trades e.g. architects and engineers create their models during a project it is important for them to efficiently communicate and work together. With the help of specific software ITED offers BIM coordination, clash detection & analysis and provides engineers with easy to understand information about the problematic areas and probable solutions.

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BIM Consultancy & Management

To successfully use BIM, common rules and standards need to be followed by every involved part and also knowledge about the technological possibilities is needed. ITED employees have participated in BIM standard and guidebook creation and also in several experience exchange trips to other countries. This experience we are ready to share with our clients.

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3D Surveying and Processing

ITED with partners is able to provide the highest quality surveys and their processing in 2D or 3D format.

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